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 Company culture  
Company aim:
  Reliability, convenience and energy-saving are our pursuits and devotions.
  By now, we have manufactured all kinds of air separation plants, which process and single equipment are top-ranking,the specific power consumption is the lowest in China, the operation is stable and reliable, maintenance operation is simple and convenient.Those are facts proved by our customers since our company built continually.
Company policy:
  Innovation is the soul of a company; quality and efficiency are the life of a company!

  Innovation is the basic premise to keep the life force of a company, also headspring to keep competition. Our company advocate developing new process and new structure, improve and perfect every product of our company constantly to assure our company keeping ahead in technology. We have some technology that has been regarded as national invention patent. Our company improves work efficiency of the whole company by professional arrangement and science management, which to assure the technology content of products and first-class quality.
View of company human resource:
  Take virtues as important point, have both ability and moral integrity, to build a troop of stuff with high diathesis, high liability, high efficiency and high pay.

  Good character and work morality are the basic premise of stuff pullulation and development in the company. If the stuff is provided with proper knowledge and ability, then with might doubled. Company gives the proper people high duty and relevant power and also gives them good chance to show their ability. It builds a good course mold to offer condition for stuff pullulation and grandness.
Suzhou Xinglu Air Separation Plant Science And Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
Address: No.7 Qilu Road,Suzhou,Jiangsu
TEL: 0512-65769056 FAX: 0512-65767057
E-mail: overseas@xlasp.com